Branding Psychology and the Science of Strategic Positioning

The core of consumer psychology is that people don’t really know what motivates their customers. But when you understand their behaviours, you’re no longer stabbing in the dark; you have the mindset, skillset and toolkit to create INFLUENCE.

As the guardians of your brand, it’s essential to understand how customers actually think, act, and behave. Learn how the power of behavioural science can help your team maximise the strategic positioning of your brand, your market and your competition and how it fits together to master differentiation.

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We Build Your Own Program, To Reach Your Goals & Beyond

Our Branding Psychology Program is designed and built specifically for your business including your personalised Branding Psychology Workbook that you can use for years to come

Program Highlights

  • Fundamentals Skills of Brand Management

  • Unique Brand Archetype

  • Develop and Design Your Marketing Plan

  • Implement Your Marketing Plan

  • Customer Persona Mapping

  • Behavioural Science in Branding

  • Art of Storytelling

  • Positioning and Communication 

  • Brand Position

  • Competitive Analysis

  • System and Skills Audit

  • Social Media Optimisation

  • CRM Integration


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