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Psychology driven Business Techniques

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At Leanne Elich Consulting (L.E.C.) we help you elevate your business using psychology driven business strategies and sales techniques. We work with individuals, teams and organisations to create human-centric sales processes, ethically influence customers and master practical business skills to become industry leaders.

Our mission is to educate, develop and support exceptional businesses to take a ‘Mind Wide Open’ approach to accelerate their growth faster than they thought possible.


We help you stand out in a busy marketplace, unravel the challenges of business growth, discover the science behind how people think and master the art of influential selling.

Using the unique dynamics of behavioural science and psychology in business, curated and perfected over 20 years.


A differentiator in today’s business world and a Business Mastermind Program focusing on science, not guesswork.


Leanne Elich

Sales Psychologist & Business Strategist


We love helping our clients. Find out more about our COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session. It's time to uncover exactly what is possible for you and your just need to take the first step.

What is Sales Psychology?


Sales psychology is the science of understanding the emotion, logic and psyche of your target audience to ethically influence them to buy from you. We identify the human behaviour and decision making patterns that drive consumer choice.


We can help you create a unique space in a competitive marketplace that is considered iconic and superior in the hearts and minds of consumers.


We are driven by challenging disruption and developing innovative strategies to drive your business growth.


L.E.C. has a global impact by working and collaborating with leading international business partners.

Think Differently. Being different move

Business Problems are Human Problems

We help organisations solve the three main problems in business:

Growth and Market Differentiation  

Crack the code with science, not guesswork

We help improve performance by empowering people, teams, and businesses through psychology driven learning programs, workshops and coaching strategies. Learn how to supercharge positive consumer engagement, accelerate business and create loyal customers.

Create Meaningful Customer Experiences
and Increase Performance

We will help you build customer experience mapping, strategic guidelines and science-based frameworks that lead to persuasive messaging, effective closing and consistent sales. Learn how to get customers from “No” or “I’m not sure”……straight to “Yes”.

Customer Experience.jpg

Communicate your Industry Expertise

It’s all about effective leadership and communication. We will help you identify communication and behavioural patterns to optimise your business leadership and create impactful messaging to showcase your expertise.


Change Habits to Occupy a Unique Space

We will help create unique drivers and frameworks to stand out from your competitors and create an experience that drives habits, loyalty and engagement in the hearts and minds of your customers.


How can we help you succeed?

Getting you to master business intelligence is as easy as following 6 simple steps:



Establish and define the relationship with you

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Session to get to know each other which can take place either online or in a location of your choosing. Within this Discovery Session, we take the time to get to know you, understand your current business challenges and work with you to identify your plans for long term success.


Understand your challenges and goals

We get into the nitty gritty of your challenges, outcomes and skills gaps and gather the facts to better understand what your current situation is, what you want to achieve, and how we can help. Together, we will evaluate the best way forward to start seeing results.


Analyse and evaluate industry differentiation

We use our expertise to analyse your competitive market and evaluate customer decision making and purchasing behaviours in your industry. This includes analysing personas, motivations, barriers to sales, opportunities and risks. We also evaluate the sales strengths and business acumen of the team.



Design and build a business and sales psychology program

Our team develops a detailed strategy outlining how best to achieve your goals. We then build a customised business and sales psychology program for you and your business. Our recommendations will be presented to you in person. We work together to build the best program possible to meet your business needs and goals.



Deliver the program and implement new techniques 

We work with you and deliver your program in the format best suited to you and at the frequency most suitable for your team. We implement all behavioural science strategies and teach you the skills and tactics to continue your professional development long after we have finished. 



Monitor implemented strategies and provide ongoing support

This is where the real fun begins – managing and tracking your long-term business success! We offer ongoing coaching and support to ensure you are utilising your new skills to their full potential. We will also review the performance of your team to align with business acceleration and growth.

The fascinating world of Archetypes...

Take the quiz to discover your Business Archetype

Uncover the secret language of Archetypes and psychological triggers unique to your business

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Want a sneak peek?...
Get Your COMPLIMENTARY Business Mastermind eBook Now!

The insider guide and 'sneak peek' into the only sales tool you will EVER need!

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  • How to overcome frequent sales challenges

  • How to make a winning first impression

  • The art of building rapport

  • The understanding of psychological based customer behaviours

  • How to master conversational rhythm

  • High-level customer services strategies



What our wonderful clients say...

Leanne has been at the peak of the medical cancer field for more than 20 years.

Her extensive knowledge teamed with a smart business sense and the ability to be agile and innovative delivers results. She has a contagious positive attitude and a proven track record of success.

Chris Roots
Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald

Leanne's Sales Psychology program was fantastic- in depth yet highly practical, I'm so excited to embed my learnings into my daily work life and I no longer see 'sales' as intimidating and overwhelming.

Sean Rowlands
Vulcan Cybersecurity

The Business Mastermind Program is a must for anyone who operates a business or works in sales. It will assist you in understanding your target clients better, how you communicate with them effectively and the science behind the sales process. Leanne's knowledge and charisma make the course enjoyable as well as informative.

Siobhan Mulvahil
With Zest

Today I caught up with the wonderful Leanne Elich and what an amazing catch up it was!...I walked away feeling totally energised. I learned so much in such a short period of time.

If you're currently a people leader or if you aspire to become one, I cannot recommend Leanne and her business Leanne Elich Consulting enough!

Stephan Betverdeh
Sales and Marketing Services Manager, Viatris




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