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The Periodic Table of Sales

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The Business Mastermind Sales Workshop provides a development platform to build the world’s best salespeople.

During the workshop you will dive deep into:

  • Frequent sales challenges

  • Learn how to make a winning first impression

  • Building rapport

  • Understanding psychological based customer behaviours

  • Mastering conversational rhythm

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership techniques

  • high-level customer services strategies



The Business Mastermind Sales Workshop utilises the unique and exceptional concept called the 

The Periodic Table of Sales.

There are 21 Sales Elements which are categorised into 3 groups:





We prepare you for the most challenging and complicated sales environments and provide frameworks to transform your business outcomes.

The Workshop is accompanied by the Business Mastermind Workbook - a publication used worldwide to develop, practice and master the fundamental skills of influential selling.

What you will learn...

Sales Cycle for

Compelling Selling

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What does it take to ensure prospective clients become actual customers?


While building a sales process can seem complicated, we have found it comes down to three important areas that you will learn:


  • Identifying the types of sales conversations and behavioural patterns

  • Understanding what success looks like in each of those conversations

  • Using your toolkit to execute

Customer Profiling

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Customer profiling is defined as:

"a description of a customer, or set of customers, that includes demographic, geographic, and psychographic characteristics, as well as buying patterns, creditworthiness, and purchase history."

Understanding the characteristics of your customer is vital for successful selling. Learn how to dissect customer data and create selling styles that align with your customers' expectations.

Customer Pains

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Understand the specific problems that your customers are experiencing. Customer pains are often diverse and varied making them difficult to deconstruct.

Learn how to breakdown the impact of customer pains and offer strategic pain relievers.



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Utilise competitive matrices and analytical tools to position your business way ahead of your competitors.

Develop the skills to transfer product knowledge into proposals with an outright competitive advantage.

The Gatekeeper

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Do you have what it takes to get past the Gatekeeper?

It is important to understand the persona of the Gatekeeper and how you can best work 'WITH' them.

Influencing this person can be as easy as developing a rapport and fostering a relationship each time you communicate with them.

Unravel the complexities and learn the 6 step process of the gatekeeper cycle.


Proactive Pathways

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Not all proactive pathways are the same.


Being able to identify the most effective pathways from prospecting all the way to closing a sale is a critical skill.

Learn to analyse key points of influence, customer cues and differentiators required to convert your prospect to a long term customer.

Qualification &

Pipeline Management

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Are you qualifying your opportunities effectively?

How do you manage your pipeline?

Learn the skills behind forensic pipeline accuracy by using a robust qualification framework and our proven process for driving customer commitments.


A sales enablement infrastructure based on over 20 years of expertise.

Positioning Unique

Value Propositions

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Remarkable value propositions focus on the pains and gains that matter to your customers.

Your value proposition is one of the most important elements of your overall customer messaging and essentially tells them why they should do business with you rather than your competitors.

Positioning your Unique Value Proposition is an art. Learn how to convey your messaging in a way that is superbly irresistible.

Market Segmentation Analysis

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Learn to use strategic and tactical thinking when identifying your target market. 

Your target market is quite often broader and more diverse than you realise. Use strategic tools to widen your commercial catchment and business exposure.

Customer Gains

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Customer gains make your customer happy, save effort, time or money. These are the objectives that would make their life and jobs-to-be-done so much easier.

Learn how to identify the varying levels of customer gains and best practices for mapping value and gain creation.



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Do you know how to adjust your selling behaviours to your customers' needs. 

Synchronising selling and buying behaviours can be a game changer when it comes to sustainable selling.

Learn to adjust your selling skills to complement customer buying patterns.



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The best salespeople know how to modify their communication style to their audience based on their personality.


They understand the same tone and delivery style won’t always work for two different customers. They understand different types of customers expect customised buying experiences.


Learn the communication framework you can use to adapt yourself, your strategy and presentation style to engage your customers and close MORE deals. 

Objection Resolution

& Negotiation

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Sell first, negotiate second.

Too many salespeople are willing to negotiate at the drop of a hat.

Learn how to reposition your value proposition and ethically leverage biases to influence decision making.

Strategic Sales Tools

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Arm yourself with a curated toolkit and mapping frameworks to develop and perfect sales mastery.

Understand the mindset and develop the skillset needed to become an influential salesperson, activate opportunities, overcome challenges and set the foundation for sales success.

One of the best sales workshops ever attended.

Leanne has been at the peak of the sales and strategy for more than 20 years. She has been at the forefront in bringing advancements to business world, making her widely respected within the industry. 


Her extensive knowledge teamed with a smart business sense and the ability to be agile and innovative delivers results. She has a contagious positive attitude and a proven track record of success.


Chris Roots, Journalist,

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia