"One of a kind sales tool

EVERY business needs!"

Solving The Sales Equation provides an exceptional platform to intricately develop the skills of the world’s best salespeople.


Delivering Sales Mastery at its best

A curated toolkit specially designed to enhance the skills of even the most accomplished salespeople. The workbook will keep you focused on your big business goals, your most active deals and strategically motivate you to influence your customers' behaviours.

The publication is the work of over 20 years of successful sales frameworks used in the most

challenging business environments

Two hundred pages of material, frameworks and tools based on the psychological patterns of sales.

Our method, framework and toolkit have been curated over decades of experience in sales, management, operations and leadership igniting new ways of discovering growth opportunities to supercharge your business.

A invaluable tool to understand the logic behind emotional purchasing behaviours and discovering what customers REALLY want.

Available in both hardcopy and digital formats

What's inside...

The workbook dives deeply into frequent sales challenges, making a winning first impression, building rapport, understanding psychological based customer behaviours, mastering conversational rhythm, communicating effectively, leadership techniques, high-level customer services strategies and much more.


Using the L.E.C. Equation:

Mindset + Skillset + Toolkit = Influence


You will be able to tackle the most challenging and complicated sales environments and learn techniques to totally transform your business skills.

An essential asset for all salespeople looking to get better results from their networks. This is an insightful, comprehensive guide on how to become a leader in the field of sales, shows not only how to close deals but get more for and from your customers. It provides the framework, mindset and skillset that will deliver influence, which in turn drives results.

Chris Roots, Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald

An amazing workbook that steps a salesperson through the maze of identifying customers and their traits and provides a toolkit to unlock sales success through a series of challenging exercises.

Cathy Tsolakki, , Seed of Beauty Clinic

Full features list

Sales preparation  - getting yourself sales ready with easy to follow steps
Mark your calendar with important dates to keep you on track during your sales learning
Sales vision board to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on your sales development journey
Goal setting map to define concrete actions to stay motivated and confident 
Learn how to solve the sales equation
Understand the 17 elements in the Periodic Table of Sales
Use trigger questions to develop customer profiling
Customer behaviours and buying styles explained
Prospecting -  the right way
Optimise your negotiation skills
Learn to close and ask for commitments
Become a business generalist and create value
Produce results through leadership
Resources and development tools
Maps and graphs to strategise, forecast, track and analyse your sales and customer interactions
Sales frameworks to determine best practice
Sales checklists
Sales funnel to map your customer's  journey
Exercises and action items to ignite dormant sales behaviours
Understanding the beliefs and behaviours of sales success
Mastering the mindset elements to create influence
Learn how to create your own sales skillset
Become a differentiator
Create a competitive advantage
Learn to solve real problems effectively
Break through the gatekeeper and develop skills to overcome resistance
Communication techniques to make your sales interactions more successful
Forecast matrix map to keep you on track and aligned with your quarterly goals
Cheat sheets to provide quick references
Sales prompts to create reference scripts, plhases and wording
To-do lists
Habit tracker to create routines that will help guide you through the sales process
Yearly planner
Quarterly planner
Monthly checkins
Weekly and daily planners
Notes and brainstorming

Get clear and act with purpose

It all starts with intention—and to do that, you need to be very clear on your sales goals.


The workbook includes action items and exercises to:

  • Create the right sales mindset

  • Understand and develop the sales skills you need

  • Sell strategically with a comprehensive toolkit

  • Set a big vision for your success

High Achievers review their sales goals regularly

Did you know that less than 5% of salespeople write down their goals and review them regularly? These people tend to be among the most successful!

The Business Mastermind Workbook has exercises to help you determine and set your big goals, projects and forecasts.

Use the check-in pages and planners to review your sales progress, keep you on track and make adjustments needed to meet your targets.


Be productive not busy

Time is precious, and you want to fill it with your most important tasks that make a meaningful difference instead of busywork. It’s important to define a practical sales action plan.

The workbook includes:

  • Handy tips for translating sales goals into actionable tasks 

  • A guide for setting successful sales prompts

  • Routines planner to help you establish good habits

  • Sales checklists to create an efficient framework

  • Gatekeeper tools to guide you past, over and around roadblocks

Feed your mind and stay motivated


How we think has a huge impact on how we act and how we grow. Get inspired and empowered with:

  • Motivational quotes with focus on confidence, resilience, courage, success, persistence, leadership, wellbeing, and more!

  • Action items to help you develop your leadership skills in business

  • Tips for appointing accountability partners to keep you on track

  • Monthly, weekly and daily priorities and to-do lists

  • A master brainstorming section for all your ideas, customer notes and random sales doodling