To deliver value to your customers, you must have a clear understanding of their needs.

A 'customer need' is a problem they are trying to solve, which motivates them to seek a product or service to do so.

Learn to design exceptional Value Propositions that are robust and successful. Build, measure and learn how value propositions can rank your business higher than the competition.


Learn to design value proposition canvases that directly targets need, pains and gains

Use an integrated suite of tools to map and create value for your customer

Shape Value Maps and Customer Profile Maps to 'Check Your Fit'

Leverage existing assets and resources to build value proposition portfolios

Develop processes to systematically design value propositions and produce results


Focus on unsatisfied jobs, unresolved pains, and unrealised gains

Go beyond functional needs and address emotional and social needs

Align with how customers measure success to outperform competition 

Spark ideas with Design Constraints, and Customer Profiles and Interviews

Master the art of critique, efficient feedback and 'Dotmocracy'


Introduce the 4-Step Customer Development Process

Test, measure and rank important hypotheses and ideas to reduce risk of failure

Capture insights and learn the 5 Data-Traps to avoid

Evolve your value propositions constantly to keep them relevant to customers

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