What our clients are saying...

Image by Patrick Tomasso

Leanne has been at the peak of the medical cancer field for more than 20 years.

Her extensive knowledge teamed with a smart business sense and the ability to be agile and innovative delivers results. She has a contagious positive attitude and a proven track record of success.

Chris Roots
Journalist, Sydney Morning Herald

I’ve collaborated with Leanne in a variety of contexts across the last 20 years...Leanne is extremely knowledgeable, a great communicator and someone who values honest, transparent and sustainable relationships. Leanne has a wonderful work ethic and is always striving for excellence.

Mark Middleton

Leanne's Sales Psychology program was fantastic- in depth yet highly practical, I'm so excited to embed my learnings into my daily work life and I no longer see 'sales' as intimidating and overwhelming.

Sean Rowlands
Vulcan Cybersecurity

Leanne is an inspirational leader and is a true representation of a completely customer focused professional. Her experience and knowledge...is unequivocal proof of her dedication to the wellbeing of customers, Leanne's energy is above all and her ability to break through barriers and engage and build teams is a true gift...but also something that Leanne does with a high degree of sincerity, empathy and leadership

Andrew Wilson
President of Oncology Informatics, Elekta

Leanne is an energetic and enthusiastic professional who has broad experience in clinical and corporate aspects of healthcare. Leanne has formed strong relationships with colleagues and clients and is well connected and highly regarded. She is well known for her passion for technology and her creativity.

Wendy Schumer
Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, IBA

The Business Mastermind Program is a must for anyone who operates a business or works in sales. It will assist you in understanding your target clients better, how you communicate with them effectively and the science behind the sales process. Leanne's knowledge and charisma make the course enjoyable as well as informative.

Siobhan Mulvahil
With Zest

Leanne is a professional with years of sales experience and a natural presence that will lift the mood of any room. Her ability to relate to people of all backgrounds and positions allows her to engage with absolute natural ease. I would highly recommend Leanne to support any team or organisation in setting down the best framework for successful business growth.

Diana Andruczyk
Sales Specialist, VMS

I was looking forward to this workshop for weeks, and it exceeded my expectations! It gave me insight into the way I tackle aspects of my work/life. It was delivered in a very engaging way.

Health Technology Analysts

Leanne is a remarkable sales leader. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her at Varian and her enthusiasm is contagious, she loves working with customers, and was a great business partner. Looking forward to working with her again as I truly hope our paths cross soon.

Rahul Mahadevan
Senior Director, VMS

Brilliant workshop!

...Leanne was able to bring insight, direction and amazing training that catered to all levels of our sales team members.

This was such a great workshop delivered by someone that has immense experience on both sides of the industry in the unique medical devices space.

I have participated in many sales training workshops over the years and this is by far the best I have ever attended.

Andrew Brown
Elite Medical

Just fantastic; I could not recommend this anymore. This will make me such a better account manager.

I was so happy with all the content and Leanne; you are just so fantastic at what you do.

Belinda Farrell
Elite Medical

As my manager for 4 years, Leanne has provided exceptional leadership and mentorship. Leanne built up my foundational sales and commercial skillset to enable a successful career in the field. Certainly a very bubbly personality and a positive attitude.

Benson Hau

Leanne has a charismatic personality with an abundance of knowledge to match. She always became an expert at any new job she undertook. She is an inspiring leader whom I am proud to have known, for many years.

Maria Marney
Genesis Care

The two days spent learning from Leanne's wealth of knowledge was amazing. I have taken away so much information and will put her framework into place. If you're considering doing this workshop you will not regret it.

Tiana Puglisi
Elite Medical