Sales Psychology and the Art of Persuasion

We explore the psychology behind the sales process, the art of persuasion and how to adjust your communication style to connect, influence and get the outcomes you want.

Successful salespeople have these skills in abundance.

Understanding the neuroscience behind how customers think can give you an edge over the competition. Learn how to identify potential barriers to sales, craft more persuasive stories, and win more business from better clients.

The program will equip you with ideas, processes, tools and frameworks to conduct exceptional business and sales practices well into the future.

Creating customer journeys isn’t just about fixing problems. The difference between average and extraordinary businesses is understanding the ‘emotional’ journey of a customer. Learn how to combine business and the art of persuasion to elevate your sales beyond the basics and well in the future.

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We Build Your Own Program, To Reach Your Goals & Beyond

Our Sales Psychology Program is designed and built specifically for your business including your personalised Sales Psychology Workbook that you can use for years to come

Sales Psychology and the Art of Persuasion is unique and far from a cookie-cutter approach. It is a specialised program for your needs and business goals. The fundamentals have been meticulously crafted over decades of business, sales and marketing experience.

Program Highlights

  • Behavioural Science in Business

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Architecture of Decision Making

  • Sales Psychology Principles

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Unique Value Propositions

  • Pricing Psychology

  • Converting Storytelling to Sales

  • Key Persuasion Principles

  • Archetypes and Profiling

  • The Simplicity Theory

  • Communication Techniques

  • Being Human in Sales

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