Psychology driven Business Programs to translate 
 neuroscience and behavioural science
into Business Intelligence

We help improve performance by empowering people, teams, leaders and businesses through psychology driven learning programs.

The Business Mastermind Series consists of three robust programs to teach you the skills, strategies and tactics to occupy a unique position in the marketplace, influence your customers and sell more effectively.

Learn how to use behavioural science and psychology principles to amplify your sales strategy, uncover customer behaviours, empower your business leadership and stand out from your competitors.

The Business Mastermind Programs are unique and far from a cookie-cutter approach. The programs have been meticulously crafted over decades of business, sales and marketing experience with the expectation of real tangible results.




  • Behavioural Science in Business

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Architecture of Decision Making

  • Sales Psychology Principles

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Unique Value Propositions

  • Pricing Psychology

  • Converting Storytelling to Sales

  • Key Persuasion Principles

  • Archetypes and Profiling

  • The Simplicity Theory

  • Communication Techniques


Sales Psychology and the Art of Persuasion

What you will discover during our Sales Psychology Program:

  • Learn how to create visibility in a busy marketplace and develop differentiation strategies

  • Get foundational training on business Archetypes and learn the secret language of behavioural economics

  • Plug "leaky buckets" to grow engagement and revenue

  • Acquire the tools and resources to compete on superior opportunities, not just product or pricing

  • Discover how to identify customer behaviours and communication patterns to generate powerful sales opportunities that are achievable

Sales Psychology and the Art of Persuasion.png

Business Psychology and the Power of Creative Leadership

Business Psychology and the Power of Creative Leadership.png

​What you will discover during our Business Psychology Program:

  • Use consumer psychology to cement business goals

  • Identify resources to remove obstacles

  • Innovative Thinking

  • Develop strategic planning frameworks that work for you

  • Learn the 9 segment business model design

  • Perfect the 6 segment unique value proposition

  • Develop time management skills to support your professional wellbeing

Branding Psychology and the Science of Strategic Positioning

​What you will discover during our Branding Psychology Program:

  • Learn the fundamental skills of brand management

  • Identify your unique brand archetype

  • Develop and design your market plan and conduct implementation 

  • Map customer personas, behaviours and communication preferences

  • Understand and perfect your brand position and messaging

  • Undertake a system and skills review for long term success

Branding Psychology and Science of Strategic Positioning.png