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L.E.C. Leanne Elich Consulting is an advisory and consultancy firm specialising in psychology driven sales techniques. We collaborate with business teams to create the right processes and best practice systems to establish differentiation

within their industry.

We help organisations 'bridge the gap' between science and business together with a 'Mind Wide Open' approach to become commercial leaders 

and achieve outstanding success.

Human-centred sales through SCIENCE

We transform individuals and businesses through influential enablement strategies that accelerate business talent, innovative practice and overall commercial value.

Our toolkit has been curated over decades of experience in sales, management, operations and leadership igniting new ways of discovering growth opportunities to supercharge your business.

We engage with partner organisations through:

  • Understanding the vision and objectives of their business to provide strong, profitable business models

  • Boosting sales and organisational growth through powerful lead qualification

  • Establishing the right processes, frameworks and systems of best practice to achieve success

  • Developing 'Differentiators' as new customer needs appear in the market

  • Building capability and thought leadership among senior leaders and their teams

  • Researching and developing competitive strategies to be successful in a challenging environment

  • Leading and mentoring significant transformation projects

  • Bringing a unique lens to product and service implementation 

L.E.C. is fully managed and measured for both small businesses and large organisations. We instil business confidence and corporate collaboration, bringing the brightest and boldest minds in industry to


We are driven by challenging disruption and developing innovative strategies to drive business growth.


L.E.C. has a global impact working, networking and collaborating with leading international business partners.